Episode 0: Teaser Transcript

Imagine being woken from a deep sleep predawn by wailing emergency sirens. Disoriented. You break the darkness by turning on the television and a meteorologist warns that your street is in the direct path of a tornado. In an instant, you realize that you and your family have only a few adrenaline-fueled moments before the storm reaches your home. For residents of Montgomery, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, that early morning nightmare became a devastating reality. Twenty years ago on April 9th, 1999, homes and lives were lost in the greatest tragedy to ever strike the city.

What is it like to experience the disorienting panic of a violent tornado arriving in the early morning darkness? How does it feel to realize that in an instant all of your possessions including your home are gone? What was it like to be a first responder at that scene knowing you are in the midst of the most harrowing event in a community’s history and one that no drill or training could ever truly prepare you for. How does a community attempt to rebuild and heal after being struck by such a horrific tragedy?

Beginning April 9th we’re going to share stories from that tragic day and what happened next. In Montgomery. This is weathering the storm.